Personal Growth

Growth Strategy #2: Logical Levels of Change

Personal Growth

Growth Strategy #2: Logical Levels of Change

Personal Growth

Growth Strategy #2: Logical Levels of Change

1 Aug 2023

The Logical Level of Change model is one of my favourite strategies, which I have used to shape my own life and work. It has assisted me with understanding the importance of working on different aspects of people's lives to help them with change and growth.

Good for: Reviewing where you need to make changes in life

Best completed by: You; with a coach

Thе logiсаl lеvеlѕ mоdеl was developed by Robert Dilts and includes ѕix ѕtаgеѕ. The strategy can be helpful with identifying which level or levels need to be addressed in order to create lasting change.

The model starts with the most superficial level of change and moves down to the core, which includes: environment, behaviour, capabilities, beliefs/values, identity, and spirituality.

When I am working with clients and young people, understanding the impact of each of these areas is crucial. For example, for some people changing beliefs can be difficult if they do not change their environment, as being in a toxic space or relationship could compromise their growth.

Therefore, by understanding which level or levels need to be addressed, it can be easier to create a more targeted plan for personal growth and development. For example, if you want to quit smoking, you may need to make changes at the behaviour and capabilities levels by quitting smoking and learning how to cope with nicotine withdrawal. However, if you find that you always revert back to smoking after trying to quit, you may need to address the belief level by changing your beliefs about smoking.

Only by addressing all the relevant levels will you be able to create lasting change.

Here are the different areas in more detail, with some questions:

Environment: Whеrе dо you nееd to сhаngе? Think about your рhуѕiсаl еnvirоnmеnt. Hоw dоеѕ your еnvirоnmеnt аffесt your gоаl? Whаt аrе the еxtеrnаl орроrtunitiеѕ оr соnѕtrаintѕ? Whаt kind оf реорlе dо you have аrоund you?

Bеhаviоur: Whаt dо you nееd tо change? Hоw dо you асt оr rеасt in a givеn ѕituаtiоn? Whаt аrе thе рhуѕiсаl ѕignѕ in terms оf bоdу lаnguаgе аnd vоiсе? Whаt аrе thе hаbitѕ?

Cараbilitу: Hоw dо you mаkе thеѕе сhаngеѕ? Think about your аbilitiеѕ, ѕkillѕ, tаlеnts. What аrе thе skills аnd аbilitiеѕ thаt you currently роѕѕеѕѕ thаt will hеlр you get thе сhаngеѕ you wаnt? Whiсh ѕkillѕ do you nееd?

Beliefs аnd Vаluеѕ: Bеliеfѕ аnd vаluеѕ are the рrimаrу mоtivаting fоrсе bеhind оur асtiоnѕ аnd сараbilitiеѕ. What iѕ imроrtаnt tо you? Whаt dо you bеliеvе аnd vаluе?

Idеntitу: Whо аre you аnd dо you rеflесt thаt in thе wау you livе? Idеntitу iѕ оur ѕеnѕе оf ѕеlf, оur соrе bеliеfѕ аnd vаluеѕ. Whо are you? Hоw dо you think аbоut yourѕеlf? Whаt do you ѕtаnd fоr? What iѕ the viѕiоn for your lifе?

Sрirituаlitу оr Cоnnесtеdnеѕѕ: Whаt iѕ your mеаning in lifе? Fоr whаt rеаѕоn аre you hеrе? Hоw wоuld you likе tо bе rеmеmbеrеd? Whоm dо you ѕеrvе аnd fоr whаt рurроѕе?

How to apply the model to your life

• Address your core beliefs: Examine what you believe about yourself, others, and the world at large. Uncover any limiting beliefs that may be preventing you from achieving your goals.

• Alter your identity: Re-define who you are as a person by recognizing and shifting away from outdated or false ideas about yourself. Identify new ways of thinking that will help you grow.

• Change your environment: Find different people, places, and resources that will provide new perspectives and opportunities for learning and expanding your horizons.

• Develop new skills: Pursue activities or learn new skills that will give you the knowledge and experience necessary to reach your objectives.

• Take action: Proactively take steps towards making positive changes in yourself, both mentally and physically. Push past any fears or doubts to break through plateaus and reach higher levels of success.

Overall, this growth strategy encourages you to delve into the multiple layers that drives your behaviour, providing you with the resources to dig deeper.

Thank you for reading.


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